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Next Available Puppies Expected in July

Our puppies come with a complete health check, record, guarantee, first vaccine, and comfort towel. For the comfort and health of our puppies, we do not ship our Designer Shichons, but people drive and fly from across the country for one of our Teddy Bears! 

These puppies will be going to their homes the first two weeks of March.

Available Puppies: Image

Macy's Puppies

(Born 1-3-24) and ready for homes 3-6-24.

Zane 5 weeks 4 take two.JPG

Zane - Congratulations, Andrew and Heather!

Zoro 5 weeks.JPG

Zoro - On hold for Cheri!

Zach 5 weeks.JPG

Zach - Congratulations, Karen!

Zazzy 5 weeks.JPG

Zazzy - Congratulations, Lorri!

Zimba 5 weeks.JPG

Zimba - Congratulations, Karlea!

Zoe 5 weeks.JPG

Zoe - Congratulations, Esther and family!

Available Puppies: Testimonials

Dixie's Puppies

(Born 1-6-24) and ready for families 3-9-24.

Ashar 5 weeks 2.JPG

Ashar - Congratulations, Andrew & Heather!

Alicia 5 weeks.JPG

Alicia - Congratulations, Amber!

Adrianna 5 weeks 2.JPG

Adrianna - congratulations, June!

Abigail 5 weeks 3.JPG

Abigail - Congratulations, Marlene!

Addalee 5 weeks 3.JPG

Addalee - Congratulations, Paula & Mike!

Addisan 5 weeks.JPG

Addisan - Congratulations, Carol!

Available Puppies: Testimonials
Available Puppies: Testimonials

Molly's Puppies 

(Born 12-30-23). Families will choose in the order of deposits beginning 2-2-24 and ready to go home 3-2-24. 

Yale 5 weeks.JPG

Yale - Congratulations, Debbie!

Yasmin 5 weeks.JPG

Yasmin - Congratulations, Sarah!

Yedi 5 weeks.JPG

Yedi - Congratulations, Josette!

Yelena 5 weeks.JPG

Yelena - Congratulations, Jody!

Yolanda 5 weeks.JPG

Yolanda - Congratulations, Emily, Jason, and family!

Yoselyn 5 weeks.JPG

Yoselyn - Congratulations, Emily C!

Yosemite 5 weeks.JPG

Yosemite - Congratulations, Heili!

Yvette 5 weeks.JPG

Yvette - Congratulations, LeNita!

Yvonne 5 weeks.JPG

Yvonne - Congratulations, LeNita!

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