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About Us

How We Got Started

We had an amazing indoor family dog. She cuddled in our laps watching tv. She didn’t shed. She told us when she needed to go outside. When we lost her, the house felt empty. I missed her welcoming us when we walked in the door and looking at me with those soft, feeling eyes.

We wanted another one of her same designer breed. They were difficult to find. My husband, who studied genetics in college and has spent years breeding for agriculture agreed to help.

So, when we chose our new baby girl, we brought with her a companion, her sister, and added a cute little male from another state so we could share with others the experience of a Teddy Bear Shichon.

Now, we’re raising these precious puppies in a home environment and socializing them in our family so they make wonderful companions for individuals or families of any age.

We've been breeding Shichon puppies since Spring 2018. Our original parents are enjoying retirement, and we have added four sweet little mommies - Dixie, Daphne, Macy, and Molly. Our moms have between three to six babies twice a year. 

Our puppies are socialized in our home. And our parents are on-site. Our parents are a purposeful 50/50 Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu, making these very healthy and consistently happy, sweet, and cuddly puppies! 

We love our puppies' round faces, expressive eyes, and sweet dispositions. And we enjoy their variety of colors. Every puppy receives a complete health check before they go home with their new family. 

We love our puppies, so it’s important to us that our babies go to loving homes. We enjoy getting to know our families and look forward to the updates and pictures of how our babies are growing up!

To choose your little Teddy Bear, simply contact us for an appointment, or you may choose your Shichon online. Your puppy paperwork and deposit reserve your place in line to choose your Teddy Bear baby with the remainder due at pick-up. We do not ship our puppies, but we have had people from other states drive for more than two days, and fly to DIA, for one of our puppies!

​We hope you will choose a puppy that’s best for you, and if it’s one of our Teddy Bear Shichons, we look forward to welcoming you to our Shichon-loving family!

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