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What makes our Designer Shichon (Zuchon) Teddy Bear Puppies so special?

Do you know if a Shichon is right for you?

Teddy Bear Shichon (Zuchon) are hypoallergenic, non-shedding quiet little indoor lap dogs that love to snuggle! Shichons are very empathetic dogs that just want to be with you! These little dogs are intelligent and want to please you. Because our puppies get such personalized attention from birth, they are easier to train and make great loyal companions!

Our Teddy Bear parents are a 50/50 cross between Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu making our second generation of Designer Shichons healthy puppies with more consistency in personality, and a variety of color. Our puppies are gentle, cuddly, and have sweet, happy personalities! Shichons love to play and snuggle! All our Teddy Bear puppies cuddle when you hold them and play when you set them down! Our puppies have a signature "teddy bear hug"! 

Shichons are friendly, affectionate and form strong bonds with their family. Non-aggressive, Shichons get along well with other pets and children. These little dogs are usually quiet, but pay attention to the surroundings and will let you know when someone unfamiliar is at the door. This Designer breed does not enjoy long walks or much exercise. They get along well in a small space. 

These designer puppies are indoor-only dogs and they will want to be with you all the time. Just a few hours apart during the day will make them very excited to greet you at the door! 

Their cotton soft coat can be silky, curly, or wavy with a variety of colors and patterns. The adult coat may not be the same as a puppy coat, as they can darken, lighten, stay the same, or change colors. Teddy Bears have a characteristically round face with round eyes and a tail that curls over their back. 

The Zuchon's coat continues to grow and will need grooming. My personal favorite is the "puppy cut", but there are many ways to groom a Shichon that can change their look. These little dogs love to feel pampered and can sport a very lavish lifestyle!

Teddy Bear Shichons grow to be less than 20 pounds. Fully grown, our Designer Shichons weigh 10 to 16 pounds.

Each of our Teddy Bear puppies comes with a complete health check, health record, health guarantee, first vaccines/deworm, adoption certificate, take home tips, and comfort towel.

Our Teddy Bear babies are home raised and socialized in our family. And our parents are on-site. We take raising healthy and happy puppies seriously! 

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